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Vagalume Rec - BRA

Juarez Petrillo aka DJ Swarup began working with music in the 80's, being the creator of the rock band First Stone, Rock'nRoll. He had his first contact with Trance in 1996 in Amsterdam, where he was led to review concepts.

After the trip, already in Brasilia, began to practice the first mixes in the vinyls acquired in Europe, while producing, directing and photographing several videos, having been nominated five times for the prize of best Rap video on MTV-Brasil Video Music Awards.
In 1999 he moved to São Paulo where, motivated by the sheer thrill of playing, he worked playing for love at every possible party. Thus caught the attention of Klatu, the most authentic temple and headquarter of Trance in São Paulo. At the end of 1999 he became a resident DJ of the house, and from there he was also invited to play in the main events in Brazil.

Keeping its momentum during the year 2000, it produced, for the first time, the New Year of Alto Paraíso-Goiás, the Universe Paralello, now recognized worldwide.
In this period he had his first contact with Antaro, headlabel of Spirit Zone, who in a few months invited him to join the team of DJs of the label, becoming also his representative in Brazil. The invitation was extended to a participation in the oldest and most prestigious festival of the planet, the VooV Experience, in Germany, in the 10-year festival edition.

Back in Brazil, he began to have his agenda taken by invitations to participate in events in all corners of the country, becoming a permanent nomad, spreading the music and the concept throughout Brazil.

At the turn of the year 2001/2002 reissues the Paralelo Universo party, bringing people from all corners of the planet of at least 20 different nationalities in the event. In 2002 he was invited to participate in the Antaris party in Germany, where his music led him to be invited to several other events in the European summer season, such as Shivamoon and repeated plays at the German OV Silence Club in Hamburg.
Returning to Brazil, he joined partners in the creation of Vagalume Records.

In 2003, he accelerated the activities of Vagalume, as well as maintained his gigs all over the country. He also joined with Gustavo Manfroni and Dj Zumbi to form Live The First Stone, now one of the most respected Brazilian projects. It was also the year of the Paralello Universe going to Bahia, giving a new face to the festival.
In 2004 he performed at the Boom Festival in Portugal and at the Voov Festival in Germany. The following year, Vagalume Records released the album The First Stone - The First Stone, which is still a success in every corner of the world.

In 2006, along with The First Stone, he played at the Fullmoon (Germany) and Sonica (Italy) Festivals and in 2007 at Fullmoon and Sonica, but as a DJ. He released his first compilation, also named Universo Paralello, by Vagalume Records. In 2008 he participated in the Boom Festival, Glade and Ozora, and it was also when Vagalume Digital Records was released.

In 2010 he began producing his solo project Swarup's Brain and is currently in full swing.