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Dieng Laras aka omgaruda collecting mostly psychedelic downbeat records and travels Planet Earth playing it at parties and festivals. Dieng came from a (traditional) musical and cultural family in small village Yogyakarta, Java Indonesia. He learned to play guitar by himself (autodidact) and from friends as he always dreamed to be a guitarist since his childhood. The Bali psy scene of the late 90′s and the second millennia  greatly influenced him as did the culture of psychedelics in general. 
Once he “got twisted & activated” at age 19 there were no turning back. Ahead lay only the choice to continue evolving, to continue helping raise the vibration of Love Light Life forces with all the family here on EARTH.
The culture of psychedelic goa trance provided a home for this chilllout project we call Omgaruda. 
He joined and shared visions with GC Sitaram Vision Tribe family at Santa Mandala Art Space Ubud, Bali and all psytravellers who migrating seasonal on the islands & from far corners of the planet, hosted days and nights parties in different terrains & neighbouring islands.
Together they scored 3 editions International remarkable Psyfestival in Bali called: Kintamani Awaredance Festival on active volcano Mt. Batur, Bali, Indonesia.  
In 2012 he migrated to Europe, Spain, where he perform on Selective Local Gigs occasionally and start focusing to experience transformational Festivals & Gatherings around the continental and beyond having strong intention to bring omgaruda project to the next level of trance-formation. 
He Visited Boom Festival, Portugal as the first European Festival experience, reunite with long time friends in Ozora, Hungary & excited to meet new families & connections, also to Lost Theory in Croatia.
He Played in Transylvania Calling & Blackmoon Festival, Rotta Su Goa, Mimesis events and some underground private family party in Italy, Spain & Slovenia. 
Currently he is living in Ibiza with his family and them kids. 
He´ve been playing as well in many private underground parties and beach lounge / restaurants on the island, like Imagine, Sunset Ashram, etc. 
Nowadays he is starting a project with his partner which combining the wisdom of the Shakti Dance teachings " The yoga of dance" and downtempo psychedelic music. Their new project name: OMA (Organized Matrix Attained) PROJECT.
Garuda is a wild endangered Javan-Hawk within south east Asian archipelago.

ॐ Garuda